Kora Project

Kora National Park, presently a 1700 square kilometer public park, has a set of experiences that mirrors its distance. koragame

The recreation center owes its reality in huge part to George Adamson who lived there for more than 20 years and who was joined there for a very long time by Tony Fitzjohn. Together they broadly restored lions and panthers back to nature. After Adamson’s passing because of Somali poachers in Kora in 1989, the recreation center weakened. As of late, the Kenyan Wildlife Service (KWS) has been dynamic in reviving Kora. WildlifeNOW and all related trusts have a solid responsibility to helping Kora flourish and drive forward. In line with the Kenyan government and Kenya Wildlife Services, Tony Fitzjohn has led reviews of Kora to find out the best subsequent stages for advancement and security of the region.

Today, the political will is set up to ensure Kora and its biological system through restoration of the land and assurance of its occupants. A nearby neighbor, Meru National Park, is presently truly connected by a scaffold over the Tana River to Kora National Park, shaping one of the most significant environments in Kenya.


The assignment ahead is both huge and energizing.

The KWS and Tony Fitzjohn plan to start a drawn out restoration program that incorporates giving the framework, backing, and untamed life and biological system recovery expected to guarantee maintainability. When the fundamentals are set up, the untamed life projects will start. A lion program and rhino asylum will be set up. A people group outreach program will be reached out from the current three towns to some more, and ecological training place will be constructed. A social community in memory of George Adamson is additionally on the planning phase.

The KWS and Tony Fitzjohn plan to start a drawn out recovery program that incorporates giving the framework to help environment restoration and natural life programs that are expected to guarantee manageability


The Tony Fitzjohn George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust (WildlifeNOW) is a non-benefit association 501(c)3 with 95% of the gifts going straightforwardly to work in the Mkomazi Project in Tanzania and the Kora Project in Kenya.

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