How to Set Up a Home School

Self-teaching is the training of kids at home (normally by guardians), as opposed to in a proper public or tuition based school setting. guamhomeschool

Step by step instructions to Set Up a Home School

The New Mexico Public Education DepartmentExternal interface (NMPED) directs self-teaching programs.

In case you’re keen on self-teaching your youngsters, call the NMPED Home Schools Office at (505) 827-6909 or visit the NMPED Home School OfficeExternal interface site for more data.

When setting up a Home School site, guardians or coaches are needed to give all the showing materials and educational plan for understudies. APS doesn’t give help to understudies who are being self-taught.

Taking an interest in After-School Activities

Self-taught understudies can take an interest in certain extra-curricular exercises, clubs, and sports through their nearby APS center and secondary schools. Contact the exercises chief at the school for more data about accessible exercises and qualification.

Moving from Home School to APS

All understudies moving from a Home School into the Albuquerque Public Schools area should join up with the school appointed by their location. Go to the Enrollment page for more data

Kindergarten through eighth Grade

Understudies moving from a self-teach program into an APS school will be put in the evaluation proper to their age. Following a six-week perception period, a parent/educator gathering will be planned to examine the understudy’s situation and make any required changes.

ninth through twelfth Grade

Contact the Home School office at (505) 855-9042 for data about moving understudies into an APS school.

Family School

Guardians anticipating changing their understudies once again into government funded schools can investigate selecting their kid into Coyote Willow Family School or Desert Willow Family School.

The Family Schools are an elective K–8 program offered through APS. Understudies go to a government funded school program that consolidates a half-day or 80% of homeroom guidance with a half-day or 20% of locally established guidance. This helps guardians and understudies take dynamic parts in their instructive cycle and furthermore offers help for understudies changing into state funded schools.

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