Bulk SMS – Guaranteed to Be Read!

Do you know that unlike other marketing methods, bulk SMS is guaranteed to be read by your prospects? That’s a BIG plus. Read on to discover how to take advantage of this element.

An email can be deleted without opening it first, let alone read it.
A phone call can be rejected while it is ringing.
Adverts in the newspaper can be ignored by flipping the page.
Adverts on TV can be ignored simply by pressing a button on the remote control.
A radio jingle can be ignored simply by changing stations.
Adverts on the Internet can be ignored by browsing to another site.
But… SMS is guaranteed to be read… because by its design… it CANNOT be ignored. Or do you know of a way to delete a text message without opening it first?

Perhaps if there was a way to delete a text message without reading it first, BULK SMSĀ  many people will delete them when they see the sender ID without checking out the SMS content. But for now, I’m yet to see a phone with such capability.

And that is to your great advantage.

But Hey, Don’t Do This To Your Recipients…

Don’t spam people with bulk SMS. Only send SMS to people whom you have their permission to send text messages. In addition, send only relevant text messages. Only relevant SMS remains and don’t get deleted immediately.

I’m giving you this advice because just because I noted that, by design, SMS can’t be deleted without reading it first does not mean you should send “anyhow” SMS simply because people will always read it. Rather, spend quality time to do the right things and do them excellently and success will happen, naturally.

Okay, back to the point. To add fire to what we’re talking about in this chapter, let me introduce to you a very powerful concept I learned from legendary Internet marketing coach, Mark Joyner. The concept is known as Deadly Ground Battle.

Are You Fighting a Deadly Ground Battle?

In military warfare, there are many grounds on which combat can occur. One of them that serve our purpose here is Deadly Ground. Mark Joyner paraphrases Sun Tzu on Deadly Ground battle thus: “A Deadly Ground battle occurs when two forces meet and there is no escape route for either. It becomes a pure fight-or-die battle… and there can only be one winner.”

According to him, in a Deadly Ground battle, the stronger combatant is always the winner.

Applying it to marketing or any communication process that has to do with persuasion, the stronger force is always your prospect because all she does to win is to simply ignore your advert. And she’ll have nothing to lose as a result.

Wisdom demands that you MUST NOT engage in this kind of battle at all.

But I see many businesses and communicators fight this kind of battle with their customers and prospects every day – battles they are always certain to lose.

But with bulk SMS, it’s practically impossible to ignore text messages without reading them first. According to CTIA.org, 97% of text messages are read within minutes.

That’s another compelling reason to adopt bulk SMS in your communications and marketing campaigns.

Now, let me note this (very important): If your prospect or customer reads your SMS, deletes it, and takes no positive action, it’s still a Deadly Ground battle. Therefore, you must craft your message in such a way that it is useful to the prospect at that time.

How to go about that is beyond the scope of this article, but it still needs to be said. There you have it, one of the phenomenal powers of bulk

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