Tips For Selecting the Right BPO Partner

Selecting the right outsourcing partner can be a daunting task. You should consider certain points in mind before selecting your outsourcing partner. Read this article to know more about this.

Outsourcing the non-core business functions of company is not that easy; the job of business process outsourcing can be daunting task especially for a novice. Therefore selecting the right outsourcing partner is often the most difficult task.

Most of the companies just find an easy way out seikatsusuidosos They just select the right certifications of a BPO service provider. This is not the right means to select an outsourcing partner. One way is to check if the BPO service provider has top level certifications like SEI CMM. This can be foolproof way to get quality work. If one is looking for an outsourcing partner in India then indeed there are many companies with various levels of SEI CMM certification.

By looking at SEI CMM certifications you will just get big BPO companies that can charge too much for their services. In this time of credit crunch it is better to look for small and medium sized company who is willing to travel that extra mile to deliver more than what the client has asked for. Here comes the biggest challenge, most of the small and medium sized companies will not have SEI CMM certification. This is because, for smaller companies it takes huge investment, experience and effort to get SEI CMM certification. These companies might not have other international certifications like Six Sigma, DNV, eSCM or ISO etc but they have the potential to deliver what they have been asked to. In order words by approaching these companies you might get the same services at a reasonably less cost.

While selecting an outsourcing partner you should consider each and every aspect associated with the company. When you hire a small and medium sized company each and every aspect of the company needs to be checked thoroughly. You can find the right information about an outsourcing vendor through trade associations. The National Association of Software and Service Companies is one such body that provides information of Indian outsourcing vendors. It also conducts events to educate technology managers about the pros and cons of outsourcing.

You can also find your right outsourcing partner through their official websites and the contacts available there. Try to participate in group discussions and small business associations, as listening to word of mouth are seen as another way to find potential partners. This is another easy way to hire a reliable business process outsourcing partner. You can give out Requests for Proposal (RFP); this is another way to find out a potential BPO partner. You can answer the questionnaire sent by companies in your inbox. This is will help you to clear most of your doubts. You can ask the companies to send information about their product and services. All these might take some time but there is no other way to do this. You can hire a consultant to do the screening for you but it is better if you do the final check.

Take time to consider other points like value added services, timely service and quality of work. Before taking any final decision you should personally step into the service provider office to check the other finer points. You should check the following points before outsourcing the BPO services like how they differ from the rest in terms of competition. You should check their project model, project development, management and systems of delivery methodologies. Lastly do not forget to check the company background, credentials and expertise.

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