Nintendo DS- The Impeccable Gaming Device

The Nintendo DS is the advanced portable gaming console and has revolutionized the gaming world. This gaming console has various high tech electronic games for every genre of people. The game lovers can test their skills against their friends, as it has incorporated the multiple player option. This Gaming gadgets gaming gadget comes with a variety of games, which means there is something for everybody. The electronic gaming devices are rapidly gaining momentum among the game lovers. They have various inbuilt user friendly features to enthrall the gamers. The most interesting feature such as animations and graphics are very enticing. As this gadget easily gets connected to other compatible devices, it allows the user to enjoy the games as he or she prefers. This unique gadget is further enhanced with two ultra bright screens, 3D graphics, wireless communication and touch screen technology.

The Nintendo DS is the portable gaming device, designed and manufactured by Nintendo. The incorporated microphone can support wireless IEEE 802.11(WiFi) standards. This extra feature permits the gamers to interact with one another. This gaming gadget has an innovative feature that enables the gamers to chat with various users. The unique PictoChat facility permits multiple Nintendo gamers to chat and interact with one another. The screen keyboard helps them to script their messages. The stylus that enhances the touch screen interface can help you to draw pictures along with the texts. The most exhilarating four chat rooms namely A, B, C and D would permit the users to chat with their playmates. Sixteen players can easily chat from the same room simultaneously.

This gaming gadget weighs just 275 gms, and has a dimension of 148.7 x 84.7 x 28.9 mm. The TFT LCD screen can display the games at the resolution of 256 x 192 pixels. To operate this highly advanced gadget, 1.65 Voltage is usually required. This gadget has a whopping 256KB memory storage capacity. The brilliant battery performance pawns that the players enjoy the adventurous and exciting games for long hours without any hassle. The Nintendo DS has very durable Lithium -Ion battery and it can be charged again and again. After fours hours of charging this battery, the gamers can play their games for upto 10 long hours without any pester. However, the durability of the battery life can be hampered by certain factors such as dual screen usage, lightening intensity and more use of speakers. But using the dual screen and other features sensibly would help you to enhance the battery life. The Nintendo’s competent firmware provides certain efficient features such as alarm clock. The gamers can easily save their required information such as names, birthdays, anniversary dates, important dates etc. in it.

The latest Nintendo DS Gaming gadgets  games are further designed to permit multiple gamers enjoy a particular game simultaneously. The latest launched games are easily available on the online shopping stores. The latest games like Ben 10, Chicken Hunter, Apollo Justice, FIFA Street3 etc. are designed to give you thrilling and adventurous experience throughout. The online stores enable the gamers to compare the features of their preferred gaming device and avail them at cheaper rates.

The Wi-Fi connection of Nintendo is the amazing free online gaming service operated by the Nintendo. Certain exciting games like Mario Party DS and Mario Kart DS would allow the players to enjoy multi-player games with other compatible Nintendo DS devices by using a game card. However, the gamers should have their device within a limited range of 100 feet from each other.

The advanced electronic gaming consoles attract not only the kids but also the experienced grown ups. These electronic games are enhanced both by the audio and video features. These unique features keep the gamers engrossed throughout the gaming process. Various models with unique features keep on entering the market at regular intervals. As this gadget has certain special features such as DVD movie playback and online connectivity, it enables the gamers to enhance their interactivity skills.



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