Should Products Be Used With Hair Straighteners?

I just returned from the salon where I dropped way more money than I would have liked on my daughter’s new cut and blowout. It seems I can’t go into that place without the stylist (who’s also the owner) try to sell product after product to me. It’s not that I don’t like the promise of beautiful hair or enticing scents, but I grow weary of the constant sales pitch.

Today she was trying to sell us a few products, a pre-heat treatment preventative and a silicone shine spray. The former should be applied before a styling product onto wet hair. The latter goes on after you’ve dried and smoothed your tresses with hair straighteners. Interestingly, you’re supposed to spray the shine stuff onto the smoothed hair, then repeat with the hair straighteners for one more pass to “lock” it in.

I can’t figure out if this approach is really a good idea or if it’s just her way to sell us more product and hair straighteners. Surely all that goop can’t be good for the tool, right?

If this is a question you’ve ever asked, it’s a fair one. Unfortunately the answer may depend on which type of hair straightener you own. And it’s not just a matter of price, it’s really about components and manufacturing.

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