A Simple Way to Be More Productive

Ever wonder why most people seem to be flying right along in life and they seem to have it all together. Did you ever think, “What are those people doing that I’m not doing?” “I wonder what their schedule is like?” or “How do they find time to do blank ?” Do you wish you can be like them? Well here’s the secret. You can be. It just takes a little bit of effort and a lot of patience and the right mindset. Yes, that’s all. But you know life is rarely that simple right? What if I tell you there’s an easier way to get busy and it’s called getting into “the zone”.

People talk about getting into latierrademisamores the zone but what do they mean by this? For me, getting into the zone means I’m in complete focus and my mind and my actions are becoming fluid and the task I set out to accomplish becomes easier and effortless. This is the zone. When you can do no wrong and all your actions seem to be falling into place. When you’re in this mental state, it seems like you are in complete command of your destiny and time is not a factor. Once I’m in this state, I actually lose myself in the moment whether it’s writing a book or playing a good game of basketball.

Here lies the secret to productivity: You always want to be in the zone. Why you ask? Isn’t it obvious? Time literally flies by when you’re in the zone. Instead of asking yourself, ‘Where did the time go by?’ When you’re in the zone you’ll be asking instead,’ what no more? That was easier than I thought!’ As if you have the ability to stop time in its tracks instead of you stopping on your own tracks to success.

How do you get into this magical zone? Good question. My answer is, it really depends on you. I can’t tell you how to get into your zone but I can share my experience that might just give you a hint. When I want to get into the zone all I have to do is eliminate all distractions, get into a good mood, and focus on the task at hand. That’s it. No magic formula or secret or whatever you want to call it. Just get into the mental habit of working; this is the secret to producing fine works.

Live, learn and enjoy


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