Champion of the Small Investor

What would we do without these unsung conquerors of the investment world? From my perspective our fledging entity would not have gotten off the ground and would most certainly not be in the position to take advantage of the M&A activity soon to engulf the oil and gas industry.

From day one we have championed the small investor. We revere them to such a degree that I cannot imagine the growth of our firm without their participation no matter how large we become. The challenge, like others in our position, isn’t a lack of respect for these individuals it’s a function of how to appeal to them enmasse. Our philosophy to “bring the power and respect back to the retail investor” is a focal point at our company.

These solid, intelligent and sophisticated investors rarely have the opportunity to participate in bought deals or guaranteed upsides of stocks like the larger equity and brokerage firms do. The slam-dunk deals are reserved for the elite and well-positioned, not the blue-collar exemplar with a passion for risk-taking and a belief that great companies can be built from a strong foundation and once set deserve the capital health afforded the corporate conglomerate. These are the champions that for decades the private wealth-builders eschewed, believing them beneath their benchmarks and undeserving of their “insider” knowledge.

So where do we find these champions? From my vantage point these brave souls reside within the exempt market. This is the arena of the grass-roots investor, the gladiators of the entrepreneur. They thrive here, ready and eager to thoroughly engage the fledgling entrepreneur in all her glory. What they require in return, as a minimum, is your story, your passion and your commitment.

As one might expect the exempt market is not without its restrictions and regulations. This is for the protection of both the investor and the issuer of shares, and goes a long way in providing the protection the investor deserves. There are several ways to attract investors within the exempt market with the most common falling under the accredited investor exemption.

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