How To Interview For A Job

I wanted to introduce you to a friend of mine. He just had an interview for a web-designing position. So, Kevin, thank you for telling your story to us. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to help him prepare for the interview. Here’s his story and I’ll come back at the end to work on some analysis.

I showered, I shaved, and spritzed myself with deodorant and aftershave. Basically, I made sure that my portfolio wasn’t the only thing that was aesthetically pleasing.

So I walk in, with printouts of my design work in hand, confident that they
would impress and that I could get this job no problem. I was introduced, and they were excited to meet and interview me.

They started off by asking a little about me, and I just went off talking about how I got into design, and how I like Astro-physics, and how that’s my major. What? Where in the hell did that come from?

I could see from the tone of voice for the second question that there was a sense of disappointment, and that definitely came back to hit me as well. I stopped feeling confident, I was disarmed, and I started stuttering and stammering when they asked the next questions.

“What will you bring to this department”. I responded, “My skills and techniques with design and programming”. Huh? That’s the job position, web design and programming…. what’s so different about that? I stopped looking right at them, I just stared at the cup of tea they made, and at my name and experiences on the copy of my resume that I had.

“So what experiences do you have with the CSS language?”. At that point, it didn’t matter to me what came out of my mouth, this tea was delicious, and the font on my resume was nice. But then I focus on what’s being asked, and how much this job actually matters to me.

They tell me that this job involves a lot of deadlines, pressure and stress, and asked me how I deal with that. I knew the answer to this, I thought about this as I was removing the hairs from my chin. “I just focus on my work, and give it my all. When I do that I don’t feel pressured or stressed and I produce great work”.


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