New Site Deserves More Attention From Webmasters

Directory submission and link exchange are still among the most effective promotion methods to drive link popularity. When choosing which directory to submit and which site to swap links, we webmasters always focus on those established site who already get a certain ranking position in Google. With regard to those new sites, no matter how large their potential is, we always neglect them completely.

For a long time, I’m following the rule mentioned above. Now, I’d like to give it a second thought. Here by “give it a second thought”, I don’t mean to discard the rule. justmyfitness On the contrary, I strongly suggest we continue to strive to get our sites accepted by those established sites, because if those established directories, such as the most famous one,, accepts your sites, or a high PR site which operates in the same market niche with you is willing to exchange links with you, the promotion return to you will be huge. The key point that I want to make here is, at the same time that you strive to get your sites accepted by established websites, you’d better try to take advantage of new directories or websites as well. The reasons are as follows:

• Every site has its early days. can give you a ranking boost in Google once you get accepted by them. But such promotion benefit couldn’t be possible without’s continuous development. The same is true for those small directories or individual websites. If you can identify those news directories which have huge potential to be a second or those new sites which have all the qualities to become a second digg, the long-term promotion benefit is quite promising if you spend appropriate promotion efforts to them.

• Submission to new directories or link exchange with new sites can secure you a better position in those new sites. I wonder if you have the following experience. Your site finally get accepted by a famous directory after several month’s waiting. However, when you try to locate your link in that directory, it’s over 10 clicks away from the home page. Wouldn’t you feel such experience frustrating? If you submit your site to new directory, it’s highly possible that your site appear on the first page under a certain category. The same is true for link exchange with new site. Some new sites are even willing to exchange homepage links with you, rather than parking your links in so called “sponsored links” page.

• Submission to new directories or link exchange with new sites has a higher possibility to get accepted. I’m also a webmaster, so I can understand how happy webmasters are when their links get accepted and how frustrated when their links get rejected. Link building is such a long lasting project that many webmasters give up half way. We webmasters really need acceptance joyfulness secured by submission to new directories or link exchange with new sites to keep us upbeat all the way to the final success for our link building project.

In brief, I strongly believe those new sites, especially those with huge potential to get good search engine ranking position and administered by a responsible and diligent webmaster, are quite worthwhile for promotion. When we are focusing on those established sites, why not divert some energy to them as well?



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