iHome Charging Dock: Charge Your World Review

The iHome iB969 is advertised as a multifaceted charging station for iPads, iPhones, iPods, and many other USB devices. Aside from simply charging them, the iHome organizes them in a compact space. It can even sync an iPhone as it charges if you connect the iHome to your computer. Let’s take a closer look.

Inside the iHome box:

iHome charging station

AC power adapter

12″ mini USB cable

12″ USB to 4mm plug (for Sony readers)

36″ sync cable

Mini USB to micro USB adapter

2 inserts for iPhones

The iHome is a black and gunmetal-colored plastic station that features a rubber insert on the tray in front of the iPod docks. It is 9″ wide by 1.9″ tall by 6.75″ deep. A tray slides open to hold larger devices, deepening the device another 2.15″.

Setting up the iHome is a simple process. Connect the AC adapter to it and plug it into a wall socket. Syncing devices between the iHome and your computer requires the 36″ sync cable to be connected to both. Located between the two iPhone 4 docks is a blue LED that indicates the iHome is powered on.

On the bottom are two USB ports with cord wraps. Each of these ports features an A/B switch to change its functions. The A position turns the left USB port into an iPad 2 quick charger. The B position is designated for Sony, Kindle, Nook, and other eBook readers. The right USB port functions as a charger for non-Apple devices that charge with a USB cable

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