Duracell myGrid – Charging Made Simple

Say goodbye to hassle while charging using with the Duracell myGrid. People get tired and annoyed with using too many wires at the same time to charge several gadgets and with the invention of the myGrid, it is now possible to charge up to four different devices all at the same time. Eliminate the mess of having multiple cords criss-crossing each other and keep your desks and tables neat and clean. The slim profile demands little space only therefore any flat surface near an electric port will do. May it be near a nightstand, a small desk, or any counter top, it works effectively and efficiently every time. Measuring up to 6.75 inches by 8.5 inches, and just 1/8 of an inch in thickness, the Duracell myGrid is a very good space-saver which can accommodate four devices at once.

To work, the Duracell myGrid comes with specially made gadgets that needs to be attached to your device’s charging ports. After this, the device is placed on top with the attached gadget facing down. To determine of the device is now charging, a blue light will show and indicate that your device is receiving power. Otherwise if there is a problem experienced, the light indicator will not turn on or it will turn off during the process of charging.

The Duracell myGrid, which is unique in its own way, is a gadget in itself that can be used for many different gadgets and cellular phones. It can charge a Blackberry, a Motorola, and even an iPhone. The grid also comes with device tips for miniUSB and microUSB so charging devices other than cellular phones is possible. Charging more than four devices can even be possible because you can look for additional accessories to charge more devices. The myGrid indeed takes out one big trouble in handling devices. No more lost cords and searching for the right one. No more clutter. No more criss-crossing of wires in a single electric port.


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