Define Social Marketing – Old Wine in A New Bottle

Generally, social marketing can be defined as a new concept (not so new though) to market or promote an endeavor using the internet and the web2.0 based tools. Started with this small approach, social marketing has now gained a new level as many people across the world are joining the worldwide business chain with several new ideas and strategies. The purpose of social marketing is to provide fast and quality service using the World Wide Web. All the enterprises of online business market are aiming to be part of global economy and take their business to next level with the help of social media marketing. In essence, social marketing is the key word to get a worldwide platform and succeed in business. Apart from this brief definition social marketing has different other wings that needs a proper co-ordination for proper marketing.

Social media sites were basically created an online network of people who wanted to communicate with each other and stay in touch. Business owners and corporate houses used the social media tools for marketing their businesses, services or products. Just from its beginning, social marketing has succeeded to create a difference in the world of business. Businesses houses that made careful and strategic use of social media sites created a revolution in the marketing world but at the same time careless and casual dealing spelled doom for many businesses.

If you are a newcomer to the world of social media marketing then you need not worry a lot about the results of your efforts because there are thousands of online resources from where you would be able to learn some vital tips and tricks to crack the social networking or social marketing nut. Online reviews, e-books available on “social marketing” would provide you with a comprehensive picture of social media marketing world. The pros and cons of this business and survival strategies are also discussed thoroughly in these books, journals or articles. Here, in this blog we will discuss the two most potential social media – Facebook and Twitter and strategies that would get surprising fast results from.


Let’s start with Facebook that has been ranked as the second most popular (Google is still number 1) social media site for its popularity. With the introduction of Facebook, social marketing has taken a new turn and the generation now defines social marketing in a single word, which is Facebook.

Business owners are making the most out of Facebook and taking the opportunity to measure their performance from both positive and negative comments on their products and services. Using Facebook, clients can research on the needs and demands of customers, which changes frequently. onzepagina At the same time one can provide updates on the upcoming services or products fan pages to keep the visitors engaged. Spending a few extra dollars on Facebook and let visitor’s know about your company directly from Facebook.


As a social media site, Twitter has been ranked tenth and is being used widely to deliver short messages at incredible speed. A short message of 140 characters reaches the inbox of your consumers in a minute and the tweets will spread to the mass in an explosive manner. There is no other cost-effective and time-saving marketing idea than tweeting about a product.

Twitter has more preference among the busy users who prefer to get product updates just right to the point. The most important fact about twitter is that it always contains relevant messages, so the customers will read them thoroughly, instead of just ignoring them.

Now, it depends on your business and the product when you get down to choosing between Facebook and Twitter – choose the one that suits your business needs perfectly.

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