Wedding Unity Candle Lighting Ceremony

The Unity Candle lighting ceremony is symbolically a ritual that signifies the union of two people and their families in a Christian wedding ceremony in Toronto. Some couples opt to light the unity candle while a song is being sung while others prefer it when the minister is giving a candle lighting narrative.

During the ceremony in Toronto, the couple moves to where the candleholders are and proceeds to stand alongside each candleholder. On both sides of the unity candle or large pillar candle, two taper candles are placed. children’s lighting The pillar candle is made of sculpted wax and decorated with ribbon accents. There are pillars that also have romantic quotes and biblical passages. They represent the Toronto Bride and Groom’s lives as individuals before they are united in marriage. Each couple then picks their candles and as one, they light the central unity candle. They then blow out their individual candles, which symbolizes an end to their separate living.

When performing the Unity Candle ceremony in Toronto, there are no standard criteria or a specific place to perform the ceremony. The performance normally occurs after the rings have been exchanged and before the couple is pronounced as man and wife. This ceremony can be customized and the personal details are at the couple’s discretion.

As a couple plans for the ceremony, they start by setting up the unity candle area. It is advisable to light the wicks then extinguish them since pre-burned wicks light easily in comparison to new ones. It is however optional who gets to light the tapers. For example, both the groom and brides’ mothers can each light one candle. Before the ceremony, the groom lights a taper and the bride lights hers when she is escorted in. In a case where the couple brings children into the new marriage, it is optional for the children to light the tapers. The couple lights the large center candle. Couples may choose to leave their tapers on or blow them out. Some couples feel that extinguishing the candles displays their commitment to one another. Others feel that when they leave the candles lit, they retain and realize their individuality that exists in their marriage. Special songs are normally played while lighting the unity candle though you can opt for a special poem to be read or even prefer a moment of silence.

For outdoor Toronto ceremonies, apart from pre-lighting the candlewicks, it is good to consider putting them in hurricane lamps made of glass for protection against the wind. These lamps come in all shapes and sizes. The Unity Candle ceremony is popular to both non-religious and religious ceremonies alike because it is non-denominational. Traditionally, the couple’s mothers receive flowers from the bride and groom when concluding the ceremony. This ceremony provides the bride and the groom with an opportunity to honor and involve their parents at the wedding. Unity Candle Sets that have been decorated and personalized can be kept to symbolize your union for a long time.

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