The lockdown came more rules and regulation

Let us see what the coronavirus crisis did to the medical profession. Once upon a time, there was a direct doctor-patient relationship. The need for any euthanasia laws, for instance, did not arise because the doctor did betrouwbare corona testen what was clinically best for the patient. Now with consumerism and the litigation laws prevailing, the medical thinking has changed. The doctors have become bureaucratic thinkers. They are conditioned to think that they have to save lives no matter what the cost even if they see a patient in pain starving to death with a terminal illness.

So when the coronavirus hit the scene, it spooked the doctors by the way it spread and caused deaths. They feared the hospitals and the health systems would not be able to cope with the resources they had. So they advised governments to go into lockdown. The governments also got spooked. Faced with the choice between saving human lives and damaging the economy, they saw no alternative but to go into lockdown. It would have been political suicide if they did not take action. Do you think this was a rational decision? Remember, the damage to the economy will have far greater significant consequences for society than all the lives saved from Covid-19. There will be long term physical and mental health consequences in terms of poverty, crime and violence and suicides.

With the lockdown came more rules and regulation. Bureaucratic controls are applied, and businesses close. People become unemployed. The media gets a field day reporting on the progress of the virus. Every day, 24 hours a day, on the radio, TV and in the newspapers one can only hear about the virus. It now seems everyone is spooked. Covid-19 has become the bogeyman of the 21st century. Not willing to admit its overreaction, the medical profession keeps justifying its action by implying that this virus is unlike the influenza virus. All their research seems to be directed at validating their bureaucratic thinking.

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