For Great Gainesville Florida Chinese Food, Try Mister Han’s Restaurant and Nightclub

A recent trip took my companions and myself to Gainesville, Florida. Not being familiar with the restaurant scene in this Sunshine State city, we first consulted Google Maps to see what choices we might have close to our hotel. I narrowed down a few dining options and read reviews penned by past diners. This can often be a tricky situation as it seems many people seem to base their reviews on whether or not they are having a good or bad day. But when you run across an establishment with a few good reviews to one rant that has nothing to do with food or service, then you can feel a little secure in the fact that the restaurant is probably a good one.

So after reading a few positive reviews, I clicked over to Mr. Han’s Restaurant and Nightclub website to review the menu.

The home page of this Gainesville, Florida Chinese restaurant boasts that they have won numerous awards from local publications and local diners. They also boast a few celebrity patrons including George Burns, Robin Williams, Rodney Dangerfield, Bob Hope and Billy Crystal. We later discovered that Mister Han’s is in close proximity to a comedy club.

The menu looked good. The prices were reasonable. The promise of exotic drinks and cocktails was intriguing. The location was within walking distance. We decided to give it a shot.

The atmosphere when we entered Mister Han’s was nice. The dining area was open but the light-level was dark enough to give the space a more intimate feel. There was a nice-sized crowd for a Sunday evening but even with a crowded room the volume level was low enough for us to speak at normal conversation levels.

The service was fast, responsive and attentive all evening. In fact, our waiter, who also happened to be an owner, spent time with us after we finished eating and chatted about China and the tours he directs to Beijing, China and beyond. It was a nice way to wrap up a meal.


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