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So you want to join a banner exchange programme, but don’t have a banner for your website? Before you pay an expensive graphic designer, or invest in some fancy software, take a look at this genuine free tool to create your own banner for free. Those of you who have read my previous articles should know that when I say “free”, I DON’T mean “free for 30 days” or “free to try on your computer, but you must purchase a license to publish on the internet”. That won’t do at all. webmastershall I take great pleasure in discovering a genuine free tool for webmasters – especially those just starting out who don’t have money to invest in paying someone else to design banners or optimise a website for them.

To try out this free webmaster tool, go to the TopSiteGuide website and follow these simple steps to create a professional looking banner for free!

1. Click on “Choose/Create a Base.

2. Click on “Choose Image” – I didn’t count them, but I think there are around 200 different graphics to choose from, so you are sure to find something suitable to represent your own website. You also have the option to upload a graphic image from your own computer if you prefer.

3. You then select which size of banner you wish to create – 468×60 being the most common one and the only size accepted by many webmasters:

4. You may then select the font, size and colour for the text you wish to add to the banner. 5. Then, just type in the text you wish to display, and click “Prepare Banner”. Hey presto, your new banner is made in 1 second! 6. You can continue trying different graphics and altering the text until you are happy with the result. Then right click the banner and save it to your computer.
What could be simpler or faster? The most time taken is browsing through the graphics and selecting your choice of banner design. There doesn’t seem to be any limit to the number of banners you can create, so go ahead and have fun creating your website banner for free now:

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