Chambre de bonne

A chambre de bonne is a sort of French condo comprising of a solitary room in a working class house or high rise. It is for the most part found on the highest level and just open by a flight of stairs, at times a different “administration flight of stairs”. At first, these rooms were proposed as the room for one of the family’s domestics, and the name starts from the everyday name for such house keepers: a “bonne à promote faire”. Today, chambres de bonne are generally the least expensive bar on the Parisian letting market, and are principally leased by less wealthy laborers and understudies. They are likewise sought after among laborers who wish to keep a little room or postal location in a major city, particularly Paris.

Because of the social degree of the imagined inhabitants, chambres de bonne are described by their tight extents. The rooms typically have a surface zone of around 6–12 m2 (65 to 130 sq ft), which is once in a while highlighted by being in a garret. They will in general offer insignificant offices: latrines are normally imparted to the neighboring rooms, and situated on the arrival. apartemen

Chambres de bonne have by the by been the object of enactment to protect their tenants’ personal satisfaction and wellbeing. In the 20th century, the French government specified that all investment properties should have a base surface zone of 9 m2 (100 sq ft), a volume of 20 m3 (700 cu ft), and openings (windows, entryways, and so forth) identical to an eighth of the surface region.

As of late, landowners have endeavored to rebrand their chambres de bonne by publicizing them as studettes, an until now obscure class of lodging for more modest studios (comprehensively, those of 12 m2 (130 sq ft) or less). Since most postings offices don’t perceive a firm differentiation among “studios” and “studettes”, chambres de bonne may likewise basically be publicized as studios. Parisian loft trackers are, by and by, regularly ready to derive that a studio is a chambre de bonne from its posting, because of the unmistakable highlights portrayed previously.

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