the cost of the movies

the cost of the movies you have hired in the past few months and add to that the price of the gas that you have used; that’s a scary amount isn’t it? The thing is that more than likely less that you’ve actually spent as none of us can remember every single time we’ve rented a movie.

I only use online rentals now and am saving a fortune. I know what I’m spending every month and they’re delivered to my door. When I’m finished I just mail it back and then another one comes, simple.

Not knowing exactly how the whole process worked, I found a company offering a free trial. It’s the best thing I ever did! There was no jostling and queuing at the store anymore and as my month’s subscription is only costing me what it would have for 2 rentals previously, I’m seeing so many more great movies.

Just think, no more trips to the store in all weathers and being tied to a time to get them back by. And no more fighting over new releases with other renters.

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