George Clooney Plays The American Movie Too Safe

We were hoping George Clooney would be doing some good Jason Bourne stuff with The American, but now we wonder if he even read the script for this film. After watching this last night, I can see why they didn’t really hold any big premieres or press screenings and today, there’s not much written about it. That says it all.

Best action movies ever has been a fan of George Clooney even when he went through his I want to be left alone by the press, but then suddenly came back into their scopes when he realize that if he wanted to sell his product, he had to do it. We’ve loved everything from the Ocean’s 11, 12 (not so much), 13, Perfect Storm, even his early days on Roseanne, but best action movies ever is hoping that the George Clooney we love isn’t just taking some payday jobs or hoping to expand his audience with more action adventure types. If he wants to do that, he should take some notes from Matt Damon who surprised everyone and overtook his ‘writing partner’ Ben Affleck in this genre. Now those two seem to be better off separated, especially after William Goldman spilled the beans that it was actually he who wrote Goodwill Hunting that we all loved so much and not the twosome who took all the credit for it.

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