everyone in the world uses Apple laptops.

If you are on foot and someone is chasing you in a car, don’t run sideways to get out of their way. Instead, run down the middle of the street or alley to make it easier for them to run you down.

If you’re a cop and your suspect runs into a dark building, follow him inside, but whatever you do, don’t turn on the lights. Turning on the lights might help you see him before he shoots you, and that would never do.

If you are hunting a suspect in a dark room with a gun and a flashlight, be sure to hold the light directly in front of your body to give the suspect a clear target.

It only takes three or four minutes for two women in high heels to dig a six-foot deep grave big enough to hold a casket.

When digging up a casket in a municipal cemetery at night, turn on your car’s headlights so you can see what you’re doing. No one will notice or call the police.

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