An utterly lonely Will Smith

An utterly lonely Will Smith in a store, begging a mannequin: “Please say hello to me…” with tears in his eyes… heavy stuff. The scene happens after Smith is forced to kill his only companion, his dog, with his own hands in order to prevent it turning into a zombie monster.

These zombies hide during the day and come out only in dark, when the sun goes down. They jump like a kangaroo, run like a cheetah, hiss and roar like the devil. They attack by the dozens. They bite (shark teeth) and chew and turn you into another mutant like themselves. You’ve never seen monsters like these…

Then Smith meets the first normal human, a female, at which point we are treated to flashbacks of Dr. Neville’s past. A wife. A son. NYC under attack. And they are all asked to evacuate the city. Brooklyn Bridge melting down. Powerful images that evoke emotions similar to those I’ve felt on that terrible day (9-11).

Dr. Neville starts to hallucinate after being attacked savagely by the zombies. He is saved by Anna (Alice Braga), by this beautiful girl, and not only that, she has son as well, Ethan. Breakfast is served at Anna’s house, in the kitchen, a mirage of normalcy, back to American Civilization as we know it, a “normal” family sharing food around the kitchen table on a sunny morning. And it is real. He is not dreaming… Powerful images… She tells him there’s a whole colony of survivors up on the mounts to which Neville reacts harshly — “EVERYBODY’s dead!” He can’t come to terms with the idea that he is not alone, yet. But he will…

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