Eaten Alive (1977) Movie Review

Robert Englund plays an extremely obnoxious fellow named Buck, who has a very funny line at the beginning of the film. When he’s talking to the unfortunate prostitute Clara Wood played by Roberta Collins. He says to her, “I’m Buck and I’m ready to f**k,” to Clara the aspiring prostitute.

Buck tries to have anal sex with Clara, but she refuses and fights him off. She then gets kicked out of the Brothel by the Madam, Miss Hattie, played by Carolyn Jones (Morticia on the old tv series-The Addams Family).

Clara makes her way to the run down hotel and meets the local town weirdo, Judd (Neville Brand) who for some reason not explained in the Eaten Alive film does not like Prostitutes. In realizing she’s one, he goes into a violent rant. Judd kills Clara by stabbing her several times with his pitchfork and feeds her to his pet Nile Crocodile.

Soon afterwards a couple that have been arguing with each other, Faye (Marilyn Burns) and the disturbed Roy (William Finley) arrive at Judd’s crappy hotel surrounded by a swamp along with their young daughter Angie (Kyle Richards).


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