Home Automation – What Can it Do For You, Your Family and Home

30 years ago we found it amazing to watch all those automated devices shown in the movies. Sometimes we thought it’s all done by camera tricks. Maybe it was, but now with today’s technology, it is possible to have the automated system almost everywhere, even in our own home. When automation was first introduced, its cost was too high. That’s why it was not introduced to the home market.

Nowadays more and more people are installing home automation gadgets to their new home, especially on the high end units. Those who have it treat it as one of their necessity items because it makes their daily life more convenient, fun and secure when they are away from home. Some people however think it as a waste of money.

The problem for the starter users is that they have to do the initial setup and learn to input the data for the home automation gadgets to do whatever they want. It may seem difficult at first but after a while, it will be easy. Luckily the installation is usually done by the expert during the construction, so the home owner will have less headache for this part. If you are a do-it-yourself person there will be no problem at all.

With the development of the wireless system that has a very realisable signal, it become easier for older homes to have the home automation system installed. This gives rise to more older home owners deciding to use home automation system in place of the Alarm system. They just have to replace their old devices with the new wireless units. Most home automation devices are capable of security use and control of household appliances, lighting, room temperature monitoring, and other many uses as long as you have the lists.

When used for security purpose the home automation system has many advantage compared to the regular alarm system. The older alarm models will only activate siren when a burglar breaks into a house, either through the door or windows. Умный Дом  Usually it takes the authorities a few minutes to arrive so most of the time, the burglar will have enough time to ransack the home and escape. The old alarm system serves no other purpose, for example when you go away on a vacation you will need to use a portable timer to control your home lighting, just to make believe that someone is at home.

With the automated system you can programme your home lighting to come on if a burglar breaks into you home at night and the siren can come on at the same time. This will, most probably scare the burglar away. With motion sensors outside the house parameter, the lights (inside & outside) will be on before the burglar has a chance to get any closer. This will give out an advance warning. This is a better way than coming face to face with the intruder inside the house, as at that very moment most of us are in a panic or tense situation and may cause harm to each other.

Beside protecting you from burglar, trespassers and vandals by automatically turning on the lights and siren, the home automation system has other uses. Like protecting yourself and family members from injuries due to tripping or falling down the stairs at night. At night, the light at the location where you or your family are coming through will automatically turn on at a dimmer setting to let you see where you are going. You don’t even have to touch any switch. It’s all there for you.


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