Fibre Optics in Industries

Many of us link the fibre optic communication technology as merely the high speed and ultimate channel for internet. However, it is more than that. It is true that the most publicized application is for Ethernet, fibre optics finds it use in various industrial sectors worldwide owing to its specific characteristics.

In the medical industry, the fibre optic threads are used massively as guiding pathways for light. Therefore, the industry exploits the physical light carrying characteristics for precise illumination in many applications. FO headlights, examination lights, Anoscopes, microscopes, Amnioscopes, and many other instruments use fibre optic threads for illumination. The technology is also used for image transfer and laser signal delivery. Many imaging technologies including X-rays also use the fibre optic threads in particular.

Imaging applications in other industries also profit from the superior characteristics of these glass threads. In this particular area of application, the threads need to be aligned, fused, and bundled in the specifically appropriate manner to act as an image guide. In most imaging applications, the image is transferred end to end using the cable.


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