Fast Fat Loss is This Simple

Getting rid of the extra fat on your body is really simple to do. It’s not easy, but it is simple. And you may not like what I’m getting ready to say. Stop eating simple carbohydrates.

When I say stop eating simple carbohydrates, I am not telling you to try a no carb diet. In reality it’s almost impossible to cut carbs out of your diet completely. And you don’t want to cut carbs completely, you want to cut simple carbs.

Simple carbohydrates give your body very quick energy to burn. They are an excellent tool to use if you are doing heavy physical activity. If you’re running a marathon for example, or you’re walking across the country, your body needs that simplestartllc quick energy it can get from simple carbs. Most of us barely walk around the mall once a week though. Instead, we sit on the couch and watch TV, or ride around comfortably in our cars. We live fairly sedentary lives. And because of that, our bodies have no need for the fast energy that simple carbs give it. If we eat them anyway, even though we don’t need them, and the body will convert them to fat and store them for when we do need it.

But that’s where the problems come in. Most of us never need that extra fat that’s been stored. We keep giving our body more simple carbs it can’t use, so it keeps converting those carbs into more fat. It never burns any of it. So if you want to lose the extra fat you have, and stop adding more that you don’t need, you need to start restricting how much quick simple energy foods you feed to your body.

This is a simple concept that many people misunderstand. They don’t seem to realize that getting rid of simple carbs is different than getting rid of all carbs. Natural foods will give you the carbohydrates you need. Leafy spinach for example, broccoli, and cauliflower are all excellent examples of healthy ways to get complex carbs along with the vitamins and minerals your body actually needs. Eating those types of foods, even though they do contain carbohydrates, is completely fine to do. In fact, it’s strongly encouraged that you eat as much of those as you want. Simple carbs are those that are burned very quickly. These include common sugar, white rice, and standard pasta. Regular white bread, pastries, cookies and cakes are also forms of simple carbs. These are the types of foods you need to eat in severe moderation if at all.

Simply replacing white bread with wheat bread can go a long way towards helping your body burns fat faster. The fastest way to burn fat however, is to not eat bread at all. Or cakes, or cookies, or any of those other simple carbs we just talked about. Try starting your meals with a large salad, or a generous helping of vegetables. This will help fill you up, make you feel satisfied, provide your body with extra fiber that it needs, and only give it the types of carbohydrates it can actually use instead of those that add fat to your body.

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