Nina Hossain The British journalist and presenter

Hossain’s aspirations to be a writer started at an early age. She has a degree from the University of Durham, (St Cuthbert’s Society). She at that point increased a Postgraduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism at the branch of Journalism, Media and Communication, University of Central Lancashire, Preston.[3] anchors

In 1996 she was picked for a traineeship at ITV Border on Lookaround where she was a news moderator, maker and correspondent. In 2000 she was a moderator for The Medical Channel. In 2001 she turned into a moderator and journalist for BBC London News on BBC London. In March 2004 she turned into the fundamental moderator on the program while Emily Maitlis took maternity leave.[2]

She was the word pronouncer for Series 1 of Hard Spell, a BBC One spelling rivalry for youngsters. She repeated this part in the coincidental scene of branch off Star Spell (like Hard Spell, however with VIPs rather than kids), yet when Star Spell turned into a full arrangement, she had joined ITV as was supplanted by BBC newsreader Mishal Husain, who proceeded with this function during that time arrangement of Hard Spell.

In November 2004, Hossain joined ITN as the fundamental co-moderator for the ITV Evening News on ITV, while Mary Nightingale took maternity leave.[2] Following Nightingale’s return she was a help moderator for ITV London (ITV News London) and ITV News (ITV Lunchtime News, ITV Evening News, ITV News at Ten and ITV Weekend News).

During April 2010, she was likewise a visitor moderator for GMTV, subbing for Lorraine Kelly on GMTV with Lorraine.[4]

In June 2010, she supplanted Katie Derham as a moderator of London Tonight, at first close by Donal MacIntyre.[5] However, on 1 November 2010 she turned into the sole moderator. She likewise introduced the ITV Lunchtime News in a mutual function with Alastair Stewart.

Hossain has been important for ITV’s Election Live inclusion for the 2015, 2017 and 2019 elections.[6]

On 24 May 2019 it was reported Hossain would leave ITV News London and become the lead moderator of the ITV Lunchtime News.[7] She introduced her last ITV News London 6pm announcement on 19 June 2019.[8]

She proceeds to once in a while help present ITV News at Ten.[9]

Hossain has revealed for ITV arrangement Exposure and On Assignment.[6]

From March until June 2020 she introduced the week after week Coronavirus: Q&A on ITV.[10]

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