Are Dance Leotards the Same as Gymnastics Leotards?

Within a pinch, You should utilize the identical leotard for gymnastics and dance, but it will largely rely on your teacher. “For my personal lessons I would let a student wear a gymnastics leotard,” Kathe Carande, a dance teacher at The Art Underground in Louisville, Colorado, stated. “The primary issue is you want to see how their physique moves.” Some dance educational institutions and gymnastics gyms, having said that, have different principles. As you might be able to interchange the leotards for course, you received’t be capable to get absent with it for just a effectiveness or Opposition.

Dance Models

Dance leotards are all about range, from halter tops to limited sleeves. But, As outlined by Carande, camisole or tank top rated straps are the most well-liked. Leotards for dance can also have cutouts during the again, lace overlay or very low necklines. Because of all the options, some studios have gown codes to simplify procuring. “The gown code helps prevent students from focusing on their outfits and a lot more on their dancing,” explained Amanda Fedor, Director of your Studio, Inc. in St. Louis, Missouri, said.

Gymnastics kinds

Gymnastics leotards, Alternatively, come in two variations — tank top or prolonged sleeve. The tank top rated straps are two to three inches vast along with the neckline on psychopath  gymnastics leotards is near the collarbone. Due to demanding mother nature of tumbling, gymnastics leotards have to have to possess wider straps to stay up. Lengthy sleeves may additionally help defend the skin from the drop off an equipment. Sometimes, children’s variations have hooked up shorts identified as a biketard.


The speediest way to tell if You are looking in a gymnastics or dance leotard is the presence of a sample. Gymnastics leotards have them, and they are usually sparkly and multicolored. “Dance leotards are generally generally stable shades, and in my view (are) more understated,” Fedor said. Carande stated dance leotards might have a coloured stripe or strap, but would not have coloured designs or patterns. For ballet, dancers may well dress in patterned skirts in excess of the leotards Hence the reliable coloration matches a number of skirts. Equally disciplines use fancier plus more eye-catching leotard styles for performances or competitions than they are doing for tactics.


In line with Carande, dance leotards are commonly made out of a mixture of elements like cotton, polyester, nylon or spandex. Fedor, on the other hand, says lycra or lycra-cotton blends are what she sees most in. If they do not need to have just as much extend, leotards may also just be cotton. “Cotton polyester blends tend to be The most affordable,” Carande stated. Gymnastics leotards can be made out of exactly the same fibers as dance leotards, However they commonly have a better share of spandex. Which is mainly because a again handspring requires extra stretch in the fabric than a straightforward backbend in dance.

For Men

Leotards and male dancers usually You should not get together. “I’ve in no way worn a leotard and have not recognized a male dance to have on one,” reported Jonathan Stewart, a performer within the Arvada Middle with the Arts in Colorado. Males normally favor tank tops, sweatpants and shorts for dance lessons. Ballet dancers will generally dress in tights and a dance-type T-shirt for course. In overall performance, They might should have on a simple leotard beneath the costume, nevertheless it will not be the principle focal point. Male gymnasts, having said that, do don leotards. They are commonly named “Opposition shirts” Though they lengthen underneath the legs.

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